This Week In Central America – 10/17/20

Hello everyone. How is your weekend going? Mine is well. I’m here to bring you the weekly news from Central America and let’s start off with Guatemala.

In Guatemala, women were protesting over femicide. For those who don’t know, femicide is the killing of women. And in Guatemala it seems that femicide happens a lot. According to human rights groups tracking government statistics in Guatemala. In the first eight months of 2020 over 200 women have been killed. And more than 3,000 women have been killed since 2015 in Guatemala.

My hearts and prayers go out for the women of Guatemala. Those who participate in killing women there or anywhere are worse than scum. As well move away from Guatemala we head over to El Salvador.

In El Salvador, six men were killed in a bar by gunshot on October 12th. So far, one man has been arrested with the shooting and police say that three men were involved in the attack. Good on police for doing their job and helping enforce the law in such a crime infested country such as El Salvador.

We move to Belize and sadly two police officers were shot in the line of duty trying to apprehend two escaped prisoners who were escaping Belize Central Prison. No information is known on the two officers condition but prayers go out to them that they survive.

Folks, your heading into the lengthy part of this article. Many things have been happening in Nicaragua. Costa Rica and Panama. Some good. Some bad. So here it is.

We start off with Nicaragua and the brutal Sandinista regime under Daniel Ortega. In some good news, the United States of America slapped down sanctions on top Nicaraguan officials. The sanctions hit Nicaragua’s attorney general, the secretary to Ortega himself and major financial institutions crucial to the Ortega regime.

I myself may not be a big fan of the US intervening with Latin America. But when it comes to someone as evil and brutal as Ortega. I don’t mind it one bit.

In other news related to Nicaragua and Ortega. Journalistic groups that followed death statistics released by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health concluded that the Ortega regime has hidden over 6,000 deaths in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. Another thing in regards to Covid-19. Deaths in Nicaragua by Covid-19 has increased by 2,768. It could be more. But the Ortega Regime doesn’t want to release the full truth. It believes the average Nicaraguan doesn’t deserve to know the truth.

The last thing in regards to Ortega and his regime. Ortega and the Sandinista Party in blatant disregard for the constitution allowed for their supporters to attack the opposition party and journalists. Even the police in Nicaragua allowed it.

The National Coalition, the party opposition party mentioned above, has said countless times they have been harassed. Stalked. Had their vehicles destroyed and themselves harmed by Ortega supporters.

This is the Ortega regime on full display. Brutal. Leftist. Authoritarian. Thank God and your parents that you weren’t born there because I know I do.

We leave Nicaragua and head to Costa Rica. Let’s start off with some good news. The United States State Department on Tuesday lifted a travel warning that advised Americans not to go to Costa Rica. That’s good for every and anyone who wants to soak up the sun and drink a pina colada from a coconut.

But before you do. Here’s what else is going on in Costa Rica. On Monday, hundreds of Costa Rican’s marched throughout the country protesting new taxes. As we know from last week. The Costa Rican government tried to secure a $1.75 Billion dollar loan from the International Monetary Fund. But to do so they would have to raise taxes. The problem is. No one loves taxes being raised.

So there were protests in rejection to the taxes which lead to roadblocks and even some protestors being arrested. Twenty eight people got arrested due to a protest in the capital of Costa Rica turning violent. Eleven police officers were injured and out of the eleven. Two police officers were seriously injured.

The Costa Rican people want no new taxes. But the Costa Rican government wants that loan. Moral of the story. Raising taxes leads to protests.

We head to last but not least Panama. Yesterday it has been announced that Panama is open for tourists. This is good news for everyone. But the catch is that those entering the country must bring a negative Covid-19 test certificate or take a test at the airport.

If someone does test positive for Covid-19, the person must comply with protocols by the Ministry of Health which includes a mandatory quarantine.

That’s it folks. All the news this week from Central America. Remember to stay tuned whether it be for weekly news. Migrant news or opinion pieces.

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